Soil Scape Filter

The Soil Scape filtration process is an eco-technological water treatment system involving the filtration of wastewater through a biologically activated soil filtration medium, supported by sand and gravel. It harnesses the ecological principles of biodegradation, biotransformation and bioconversion that occurs at various trophic levels in the detritus food chain by treating, transforming, and detoxifying pollutants with solar energy. The process produces bio-fertilizer and treated water.

The process occurs due to the rigorous activity of organisms found in soil like bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, protozoa, earthworms, nematodes, arthropods, mollusks, etc. This soil environment is influenced by the growth of algae and macrophytes.

In the Soil Scape Filter, a combination of green plants and bacterial culture is used to remove organic matter and pollution. Soil Scape filtration is a vertical eco-filtration system of water or wastewater through the layers of biologically activated soil, “ORGANOTREAT®, ” which is developed from non-toxic, non-hazardous waste and fragmented rock materials. As the wastewater passes through the layers of the biologically activated filtration medium, the pollutants are absorbed and degraded. This biodegradation process releases nutrients in simple forms, which can then be absorbed by plants for their growth. Thus, there is no production of any kind of sludge during this treatment procedure.

The Soil Scape Filter system is an eco-friendly technique that requires less electricity, negligible routine maintenance, and does not produce hazardous waste. 

The Soil Scape Filter treatment system is useful for the treatment of both domestic and industrial effluent. It can treat the effluent from the production of food, chemicals, electroplating, textiles, among that of other industries.

Soil Scape Filter and its Applications

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