SSF: Recycle & Reuse wastewater

In April 2021, Soil Scape Filter (SSF) technology was enlisted as ‘innovative’ technology by the Ministry of Jal Shakti and has been proposed for Waste To Wealth, Jal Jeevan and Swachh Bharat missions. SSF can treat effluent and sewage wastewater from industrial and domestic regions.  

SSF technology is not merely a treatment plant, but an ecosystem in itself. SSF is vertical filtration of wastewater through the layers of biologically activated filtration medium which absorbs pollution. It uses a combination of green plants and bacteria to remove inorganic pollutants, organic matter and odour from water. There is no requirement of electricity, provided gravity benefit is available. Running cost reduces to nil as chemicals and electricity usage is not required. Negligible maintenance is to be carried out by your gardener / any unskilled labourer. 

SSF technology is also useful for the treatment of domestic and industrial effluent wastewater. It can also treat the effluent wastewater from food, chemical, electroplating, textile, etc. industries.


    1. Natural, eco-friendly system using plants and bacteria
    2. No requirement of excess electricity for control of pollution because the source of energy for green plants is sun. 
    3. No requirement of any chemicals to treat pollution
    4. With minimum maintenance, human labour requirement is hardly one hour per day to operate pumps or to cut densely grown plants 
    5. Noiseless operations
    6. Odourless treatment, 
    7. No nuisance of mosquitoes and other insects
    8. Value addition because of beautiful landscape
    9. Treated water available for reuse
    10. More cost-effective technology as compared to mechanical, and energy-intensive
      conventional technologies

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