What is Eco-Technology?

Ecological engineering has emerged as an integration of ecology and engineering concerned with the design, monitoring and construction of human relationship with the ecosystem for exchange of energy, food and waste. We are offering appropriate technologies that can change the future of Man and his planet. Sustainable Eco-technology is the only recourse to mankind for his survival. The other definition of ecological engineering as given in Ecological Engineering – The Journal of Ecosystem Restoration is, as the design of sustainable ecosystems which intends to integrate human society with its natural environment. 

Eco-technology is an applied knowledge and skill that searches for accomplishing human needs with minimal ecological disruption, by binding and subtly manoeuvring natural forces to leverage their beneficial effects. It integrates two complementary fields of study, the ‘ecology of techniques’ and the ‘techniques of ecology’. It is the ‘ecology of techniques’ and the ‘techniques of ecology,’ requiring a substantial understanding of the structures and processes of ecosystems and societies. All sustainable engineering that can reduce damage to ecosystems, adopt ecology as a fundamental basis, and ensure an orientation of precaution in the implementation of the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development may be considered as forms of eco-technology. 

Eco-technology is essentially the discipline of sustainable development and cities of the world. Ecological engineering can facilitate restoration and preservation of the environment’s health for the survival, development and economy of society through the integration of engineering and ecological principles with modernizing trends of market and development. An ecologically resounding approach to engineering considers that nature responds comprehensively, persistently and cumulatively. Eco-technology operates within the borders of the ecosystem rather than flouting or disregarding or overcoming or overpowering it. 

Eco-technology has the essence of the evolution of combined and shared ecological wisdom from the beginning of life on the earth billions of years ago to the present with demonstrated expression of multi-species intelligence. Solutions should be supple and magnanimous as possible, thus keeping away drastic and irreversible consequences when something goes wrong, unexpected happens. Hence, it is crucial to obtain knowledge, familiarity and perception of the structure and functionality of ecosystems and their particular propensities and vulnerabilities. Ecological engineering and eco-technologies are dependent on the self-designing, resilient abilities of ecosystems and their natural biotic and abiotic forces. When changes occur in the natural systems due to external inputs, biogeochemical cycles and food chains are reorganized and balanced. Certain species are preferred to adapt to the changes. A new dynamic order eventually emerged suitable to the environmental changes superimposed on it. Thus, ecological engineering and eco-technologies are distinguished from conventional engineering technology owing to focus on, and use of, biological species, communities, and ecosystems.

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